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The new music production below is just a small sample of the commercial jingles and new music created at Taylor Made: Original New Music Services. All new music and commercial songs and commercial jingles are all composed and all musical instruments are played and performed, by Daniel Davies and are copy written. Any unauthorized use of this new music in whole or in part is strictly forbidden.
©Soundtrack Music Demo.MP3
Listen to a musical montage for sound design, for Radio TV and Film.
4:18 MP3 Download
©2001 Audio and Video Jingle.MP3
Commercial jingle plus voiceover by Daniel Davies
:30 MP3 Download
©Attitude-Crunchy lead Guitar :36 MP3 Download
©Driving-Fuzzy Guitar :39 MP3 Download
©Jungle Theme-Marimba-African 1:01 MP3 Download
©New York meets L.A.-Acoustic Guitar :27 MP3 Download
©Orchestral Theme-Strings for lovers 1:22 MP3 Download
©Song for Hobbes-Spanish Guitar Soft :35 MP3 Download
©Walk Softly-Med. Tempo Acoustic Guitar :31 MP3 Download
©Waterfall-Ambient Mood 1:01 MP3 Download
©Williams Theme-Piano :35 MP3 Download
Daniel Davies Characters Demo.MP3 :30 MP3 Download
Daniel Davies Commercial Demo.MP3 :30 MP3 Download

Pop Music Demos

Below are short clips of songs
available soon on the new CD by Daniel Davies
Song Title Time MP3 Download
© 335 :59 MP3 Download
© Avalon Son 1:19 MP3 Download
© Beautiful :50 MP3 Download
© Calling 1:19 MP3 Download
© Don't Cry 1:14 MP3 Download
© Dreams of America 1:14 MP3 Download
© God is Alive 1:04 MP3 Download
© Aum Sweet Aum 1:16 MP3 Download
© In this Love Embrace :59 MP3 Download
© Rainsong 1:10 MP3 Download
© Sailed Away 1:24 MP3 Download
© The Grand Illusion 1:40 MP3 Download
© The Hands of Time 1:08 MP3 Download
© These are the Days 1:28 MP3 Download
© The Winds of Change 1:31 MP3 Download
© Too Deep 1:02 MP3 Download
© Walking on the Inside :51 MP3 Download
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