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Ethnic Voice Talent

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Afrikaans Voice Talent

Afrikaans is a language spoken in South Africa, Namibia, and other parts of Southern Africa. It is derived from Dutch as the Dutch settlers landed in South Africa in the 1600's. Afrikaans is also used as a "novelty" for advertising in Dutch speaking countries on occasion.

Afrikaans Accented English Voice Talent

*Adam B English

African Kiswahili(Swahili) Voice Talent

Kiswahili (or Swahili) is an African language ( it is a mix of about 25% Arabic language and 75% Bantu language) spoken mainly by the people of eastern and central Africa. That is, people who live in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire, Malawi, northern Mozambigue, Zambia and Somali Republic, Congo Brazavile, Sudan, the Comoro Islands, Mayotte the northern part of Malagasy Republic, and the Persian Gulf states. Kiswahili is a national language in Kenya, Tanzania, Congo (DRC) and Uganda and is the only official African language of the African Union.

African English

(*) Abudu English
(*) Andrew English
(*) Dan English
(*) David English
(*) Dominic English
(*) Eugene English
(*) Haron English
(*) Kago English
(*) Mohamed English
(*) Musa English
(*) Anna English
(*) Audrey English
(*) Carol English
(*) Carolyne English
(*) Cynthia English
(*) Dora English
(*) Joan English
(*) Mercy English
(*) Tabitha English

Arabic Voice Talent

The Arabic language is spoken in many regions of the world, from North Africa to the Middle East, and the dialects differ greatly. However, all Arabic speakers are able to speak Modern Standard Arabic, which is the official language of the Arab World. It is used in present-day media including television, radio, and all written matter like newspapers, books, magazines and official documents.

Arabic Voice Talent Children


Arabic Egyptian Voice Talent


Arabic English Voice Talent


Arabic Saudi Voice Talent


Arabic UAE (United Arab Emirates) Voice Talent


Australian Voice Talent


Bengali Voice Talent


Bengali Accented English Voice Talent


British Voice Talent


Burmese Voice Talent

(*) Bhyo
(*) Muang
(*) Nay
(*) Thaik
(*) Caroline
(*) Daisy
(*) Jessica
(*) Mona Kay
(*) Ngien
(*) Rosie Sims
(*) Yata

Caribbean Voice Talent

You will find 12 million native speakers in the Czech Republic and until the 19th Century was known as Bohemian. Czech can also be used in all official documents for Slovakia.

Chinese Traditional - Cantonese Voice Talent

If your commercial, corporate video or documentary will air in Mainland China and/or Taiwan, you'll want to record in Mandarin. If it will air in Hong Kong, you'll likely want to record in Cantonese. After 1997, some people in Hong Kong started to learn Mandarin because of political factors but Cantonese is still by far the most commonly spoken language there.

Chinese - Hong Kong Cantonese Voice Talent


Chinese Hmong Der/Daw (White) Voice Talent

(*) Pusit
(*) Moh
The total number of speakers worldwide has been estimated to be more than 4 million, including over 200,000 Hmong Americans. Some dialects are mutually intelligible while others are so distinct as to be considered separate languages.

Simplified Chinese - Mandarin Voice Talent


Chinese Taiwanese Mandarin Voice Talent


Chinese Taiwanese Min Nan Voice Talent

The Southern Min language, or Min Nan is a family of Chinese languages which are spoken in southern Fujian and neighboring areas, and in particular the Amoy and Taiwanese.

Chinese Accented English Voice Talent

Ray Yuan English
Elsa Lai English

Congo (Congolese French) Voice Talent

(*) F
(*) F2
French is the official language of the Republic of Congo.

Croatian Voice Talent


Czech Voice Talent

You will find 12 million native speakers in the Czech Republic and until the 19th Century was known as Bohemian. Czech can also be used in all official documents for Slovakia.

Danish Voice Talent


Dutch Voice Talent


Ethiopia (Ahmeric) Voice Talent

Ahmerica is the official working language of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Persian - Farsi Voice Talent

Persian or "Farsi" is the Iranian language spoken by over 100 million people in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

Finnish Voice Talent

Finnish is the official language of Finland, located by the Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe. Finnish is spoken by the 5.3 million Finns living in Finland and roughly 1 million living abroad.

(Belgium) Flemish Voice Talent

Flemings are from the northern part of Belgium and speak a Dutch dialect called Flemish. Its a great place for not only Chocolate but the best beers of the world. Cheers.

English with Belgium Flemish accent


French - West African Voice Talent

31 francophone African countries, particularly in the west, help make Africa the most francophone continent in the world with over 115 million people speaking French as a first or second language.

French - Canadian Voice Talent


French Accented English Voice Talent

Jean Marc Fontaine English
Thierry Laflamme (*) English
Denis Schingh English
* Michel C Euro English
*Debra S Bilingual
*Geraldine B English
*Maggie English
Pierette Robillard English

French - European Voice Talent

By French European, we refer to the French that is spoken in France and other parts of Europe. If your commercial or video is geared towards the European market, this page is where you want to be. All the talents below, while living in Canada, either grew up in Europe or learned to speak French the European way.

Georgian Voice Talent

The Georgian language is far from Atlanta and is just south of Russia. It's from Georgia on the coast of the black sea, just north of Turkey and Armenia intersecting Europe and Asia. The language of Georgia a Kartvelian language spoken by Georgians and the official language of Georgia. Georgian is written in its own writing system, the Georgian script.

German Voice Talent

High German is spoken throughout the German speaking areas of the world : Austria, Germany, parts of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and parts of Luxembourg. Of course, in all of these areas, there are dialects, but all German speakers are able to speak High German.

German Accented In English

Michael Eben English
*Ilja English

Greek Voice Talent


Hebrew Voice Talent


Hindi Voice Talent

Although India has many ethnic dialects, Hindi is the national language and it will be understood everywhere in India.

Hindi Accented Voice Talent in English

*Ali English
*Avdhessh Arya English
Subodh Marrat English
*Deepak Sing English

Geeta Chopra English
*Padma D US English
Phalgoon Dave English
*Pinki English
*Purkha English

Hungarian Voice Talent


Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) Voice Talent

(*) AJ 1
(*) AJ 2
(*) AL 2
(*) AL 3

Indonesian and Malay are very very similar, if you are familiar with them, you can hear the difference when they speak, but 90% of the words are the same. Like other areas of SE Asia there can be many dialects within each country, but if you need it for broadcast, then you want Bahasa.

Indonesian English


Italian Voice Talent

The good news is...Italian is Italian! It's not about regional dialects or accents that only some people in a region can understand. If someone speaks Italian, everyone in all of Italy understands them!

Japanese Voice Talent

Although the Japanese language can very slightly in writing depending on the region, the spoken language is consistent throughout the country. If someone speaks Japanese, everyone in Japan understands them!

Kannada Voice Talent


Korean Voice Talent

The Korean language is consistent throughout the country. If someone speaks Korean, everyone in Korea understands them!

Lao or Laotian Voice Talent

(*) Pey

(*) Boua
(*)Mek MN


Malaysian (Bahasa Malayu) Voice Talent

(*) Fiza
(*) Junainah
(*) Nora S
(*) Shai
(*) Zakiah H
Indonesian and Malay are very very similar, if you are familiar with them, you can hear the difference when they speak, but 90% of the words are the same.The language of Malaysia is somewhat different in each province but if its Broadcast you need, then Bahas Malayu is what you want. We have them, like the food, extra spicy for your dining pleasure.

Nepalese - Nepali Voice Talent

The official language Nepal and is also spoken in Bhutan, parts of India and parts of Myanmar (Burma). In India, it is one of the country's 23 official languages.

Nigerian Voice Talent

* Matthew O Yoruba
*Gary Igbo/Ibo
*Sanjo Hausa
*Sanjo Yoruba

Igbo (Ibo). it is one of the three major languages in Nigeria (Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo) widely spoken in the eastern part of Nigeria and all the radio and television stations in the eastern part of nigeria have Igbo language segments in their programming.

Nigerian Accented English Voice Talent


Norwegian Voice Talent

Norwegian is spoken by 4,5 million inhabitants, and the language can be divided into bokmaal and neo-norse, and different dialects. The most neutral way of
presenting any text/script would be in Normated Bokmaal, the standard
of most broadcasters.

Polish Voice Talent

Polish (jezyk polski) is the official language of Poland and originated from several local Western Slavic dialects, most notably those spoken in Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) and Lesser Poland (Malopolska). It shares some vocabulary with the languages of the neighboring Slavic nations, most notably with Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian, and Belarusian.
"Standard" Polish is still spoken somewhat differently in different regions of the country, although the differences between these broad "dialects" are slight.

Portuguese Voice Talent

Portuguese is spoken in various parts of the world, but most notably, Brazil and of course Portugal. The language they speak in those two countries is exactly the same but the accents are different. Let us know if your project is aimed at the Brazilian market or to people in Portugal, and we'll find the right voice for you.

Portuguese English Accentd Voice Talent

*J.A. Ceschin (Brazil English)
*Luis C (Brazil English)
*Paulo Carvalho (Brazil English)
*Linda C (Brazil English)
*Rosana (Brazil English)

Punjabi Voice Talent


Romanian Voice Talent

Romanian is the Latin language spoken by almost 30 million people from Romania, Republic of Moldova but also form all around the world where are Romanians (Spain, Italy, US, Portugal etc) and is also one of the languages of The European Union.

If your script will be recorded for a certain area of Romania, please let us know. Small differences in accent will be adjused to accomodate that area of Romania.

Russian Voice Talent

In terms of Russian dialects - there are some, however, they are not that far apart from each other. In the different regions you can hear some distinctive words that would not be used in other regions but any Russian native speaker will definitely understand those words anyway. So, in short - Russian is Russian.

Russian Accented Voice Talent in English


Somali Voice Talent


Spanish Voice Talent

Spanish is spoken by 300 million people worldwide and that means there are differences. Basically it's like the difference that exists between British English and American English.
So the question becomes, in what country will your commercial, corporate video or documentary play? If it's Mexico then a Mexican accent is preferable, ditto for Argentina and Spain. Other Latin countries are not as exacting, provided you never give them a Mexican voice outside of Mexico! What is considered to be a "standard Latin American accent" (one that minimizes regionalisms) is acceptable to all south and Central American countries and is a safe way to go if you don't know the final destination of the product, or if it is aimed at the entire South American market.

Spanish Accented English Voice Talent

Keiter Feliz English
Jesus Arias
* Carlos C English
*J.A. Ceschin English
*J Garcia English
*Manuel S English (Spain)
*Alejandra G English
Lupe Arenas English
Patricia Beiger English
*Connie Medina
*Jessica T English
*Jo R English Euro
Mayela Romero English
*Tuchi English

Spanish Catalan (Català) Voice Talent

*Conxi B (Catalan)
*Megui Cabrera(Catalan)
*Rosor F (Catalan)
Catalan (Català) is spoken in eastern and northeastern Spain. There are 7.000.000 people in Catalonia. And Catalan is the official language in Andorra, and this is also spoken in France and Alguerho.

Swedish Voice Talent

Sweden is located on the scandinavian peninsula in northern Europe. The swedish language is closely related to norwegian and danish. It is used by approx. 10.000.000 people. Swedish is also spoken in the western parts of Finland. There are many different dialects. However, in commercials and corporate narrations, standard swedish is used, without any dialect. There are no polar bears on the streets.

Swedish Accented English Voice Talent

*Na Nu English

Tagalog (Filipino)Voice Talent

Tagalog is one of the major languages in the Philippines and the most spoken Philippine language in terms of number of speakers. It is widely used throughout the Philippines and in overseas Filipino communities. Please enjoy our Tagalog talents with your favourite sparkling wine

Tamil Voice Talent


Telugu Voice Talent


Thailand Voice Talent


Turkish Voice Talent

Pronunciation of Turkish words is phonetic with all letters having the same value in every situation. The Turkish alphabet contains all the letters of the English alphabet except for q, x, and w. In general, most letters are pronounced about the same as in English with a few exceptions. The standard educated Turkish is that spoken in Istanbul. The Istanbul Turkish is considered nice, gentle, accentless and rich. Turkey is a big country with 7 different regions, where there are different dialects. It goes without saying that the Turkish spoken in Istanbul, alias the Turkish of the educated, can be understood easily by anyone in Turkey regardless of his/her region while it may be a bit difficult when it is the other way round. The official parlance no matter what the domain may be prefers the Istanbul Turkish.

Ukrainian Voice Talent

Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine today. Only a few years ago almost all Ukrainian people spoke Russian as well, but today, if you need something done for Ukrainian mass media, you have to translate and record everything into Ukrainian. There are a few dialects in the language (Poltavian, Karpatian,ets) , but for radio, TV or dubbing the classical pronunciation is appreciated.

Urban Voice Talent


Urdu Voice Talent

(*) Aleem
(*) Iftikhar

Vietnamese (North) Voice Talent

The good thing about Vietnamese is that you can follow a script when it is being spoken, great for editing, it also, of all the Asian languages, is the only one that comes close to synchronising with English. Most Asian languages are 1.5 - 2 times longer than English. For Broadcast you want North Vietnamese.

Vietnamese (South) Voice Talent


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